Another Arizona Primary, Another Glitch

Independent voters in Arizona may vote in the primary if they choose which ballot they want: Republican, Democrat, Green, or a city/town-only. However, due to a computer error early independent voters who submitted their ballot choice before July 13 must resubmit their ballot choice before August 17, if they want to receive an early ballot….

Selling Anti-Semitism

Some people can’t resist a challenge, for example those who are determined to revive anti-semitism. The ugliness and shame of World War II and the memory of its anti-semitic beginnings is permanently stamped into the world’s consciousness, but they never stop trying to paint the Jewish people as the problem. Several tactics are used in…

Black Sites for Immigrant Children?

Democracy Now reports on a possible black site for immigrant children in Phoenix. My gratitude goes to local resident, Lianna Dunlap, for refusing to be quiet about suspicious activities in her neighborhood.

The United States is Dead

Some people in the media are still insisting that Trump’s election was the result of voters’ disgust with the establishment. I’ve never agreed with that. I think it was the establishment’s disgust with our rebellion against their rule that brought us Donald Trump. Trump was, and still is, their way of getting even. So I’ve…

Banks Create Money out of Thin Air, and other Lies

In a previous article I argued that the money-out-of-thin-air meme does not provide a solution to our banking and monetary problems. Unfortunately, this meme has been accepted uncritically by people who don’t know much about finance. Where did they get this idea you ask? I believe it was sold to them. By whom? Probably by…

On Second Thought I’ll Rethink My Approach

I’ve deleted those videos and I regret not being able to use such an informative website. Since I deleted those videos there’s no need to call anyone out, so I changed this post as well. If anything changes I’ll post the videos again.

The Economy of the 1 Percent

We saw in the 2016 election that the global political establishment has no intention of changing its direction.  Therefore I propose that we get our talking points straight and settle in for the long haul.  In the last article I said something to the effect that it won’t do any good to break up the banks…

Blaming Antisemitism on…Muslims?

This is an important video.  There are some who will use the situation in the Middle East as an excuse to promote hatred for an entire race, which does not describe reality.

Mossad Urges Netanyahu to Bomb Alleged Iranian Sub Base

According to George Webb, Israel has discovered a secret Iranian Submarine base. After the chemical weapons fiasco the sheer gall of this announcement is impressive.  Never mind the fact that Webb is a member of the Mossad .  Nevertheless, he calmly states that Israel will strike within 24 to 48 hours. Webb began making videos…

Undoing Partitions in the Middle East

Here in the United States we call it divide-and-rule.  In the Middle East they call it partitioning. The Council for Interreligious dialogue is working in Iraq to eradicate finatical discourse in the name of religion.  You could say they are working to rebuild the cooperation that has been torn down by the global bullies.  And…