Continued from America and the Constellation Virgo

This brings to mind the fact that many British officers in the Revolutionary War were Freemasons who actually failed to carry out their orders during decisive battles. I’m also reminded that only a third of the Colonists were in favor of the War. A third were undecided, and the final third were loyalists. You could say it was the war of, by and for the new ruling class. Judging from their secret dreams of empire, they certainly had the most to gain.

I wanted to talk about a new model for the future, but the time isn’t right for that yet. It seems it is important to first examine the old models and try to put American history in clearer perspective. The idea that America was the first new nation founded from scratch with ideas about liberty, etc. seems to have disguised the identifying characteristics of the new elite and the government they made. The elite weren’t born under Plymouth Rock. They have a history.

I suppose there are a lot of Tea Partiers who would be up in arms about this—if they ever read it. I’m pretty sure there are liberals who would be just as peeved. The Tea Partiers need rescue. There they are on the conservative bandwagon and they don’t know who’s pulling it. A bunch of old groups who have been hovering around for decades saw their opportunity and swooped in. The aim is to keep everything the same, to protect the status quo and their own place in it.

The liberals should know better than to cling to their dogma, but they don’t. Many of them disagree with union busting but defend the healthcare bill, for example. This makes no sense. The healthcare bill threatens the same people who are protected by unions.

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