Is Rape a Tactic of War in Libya?

A case is being made that rape is a regime a tactic in Libya. According to an NPR story the physical evidence includes Viagra, condoms, and women’s underwear. A Libyan doctor says he has found these things in the belongings of dead soldiers and that other doctors have found them as well. Unfortunately, he could not produce the Viagra because he ‘disposed’ of it. Also, the reporter did not say whether she was shown the underwear and condoms. When the doctor was asked if he was sure these things were intended for rape, he said there would be no other reason for a Libyan to have Viagra.

As for the lack of victims, it was explained that women didn’t normally report rape because they would be condemned if it were known. Eman al-Obeidy’s family is from the rebel-held part of eastern Libya and they are standing by her.

I agree that Gaddafi should go. I’m aware that rape is often used as a tactic in war, and it may have been used on Eman al-Obeidy. But this particular interview is not news; it is an argument, based on a collection of circumstantial evidence, that Libyan soldiers are rapists.

Here is the link to the interview.

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