The Conversation With OWS

When talking about Occupy Wall Street, it has become necessary to distinguish between the ordinary people with legitimate complaints, and the organizers who may or may not have their own plan. Since the anarchists made themselves known at OWS, one hesitates to say anything negative about them for fear of sabotaging the people’s protest. The two entities have become fused and confused. The problem of rape and violence is a case in point. This problem is normally reported by critics who are only too happy to write about problems in the camps. They seem to overlook the fact that the ones being hurt are Americans who have a constitutional right to be there.  Supporters of OWS don’t talk about  it very much, although some have called for an end to the costumes and nudity.  While the people’s right to demonstrate shouldn’t be questioned, it seems important to be able to discuss OWS’s methods and philosophy.   With that in mind, I want to talk about a possible relationship between OWS policy and the problem of sexual predators.

The anarchists have said they would abolish marriage and replace it with free love. In addition, OWS has a tendency to use nudity to advertise its cause. I saw a Youtube video of topless women holding up OWS signs and chanting slogans. It was ludicrous but there they were with straight faces lifting their signs up and down, which of course made everything else move with it. FYI, OWS, nudity advertises sex, not political reform. Who did you think would show up?  Gandhi?

One possible explanation for this weirdness is the connection of OWS activists with the counter-culture movement of the 1960s. That movement also called for ‘free love’, but in its treatment of women it demonstrated something else.

“Misogyny was, in fact, much more widespread among sixties radicals than is usually realized or acknowledged…[these] attitudes were frequently expressed by white (as well as black) radicals. When a woman at the 1965 convention of Students for a Democratic Society, or SDS, tried to address the ‘women’s issue,’ males in the audience screamed their ridicule… ‘She just needs a good screw!’

“Another member of SDS said of women, ‘(They) made peanut butter, waited on tables, cleaned up, got laid. That was their role.’”

Later in the 60s as the movement ‘degenerated’ some of the young males who had become media stars used their celebrity to ‘score’ with as many women as possible. According to Marge Piercy, some gained a following by ‘fucking a staff into existence.’

“As the fringes of the movement descended into infantile play-acting in the late sixties and early seventies, their macho posturing grew more extreme. Mao’s famous maxim ‘political power grows out of the barrel of a gun,’ with its obvious phallic ostentation, was quoted frequently and approvingly. Black Panther Rufus ‘Chaka’ Walls mocked women’s liberation at the 1969 SDS convention by declaring : ‘We believe in pussy power.’ He went on to shout: ‘Superman was a punk because he never tried to fuck Lois Lane.’ When a woman rose to speak at a 1969 antiwar rally, men in the audience shouted, ‘Take her off the stage and fuck her!’ Similar examples could be repeated almost endlessly.”(McElvaine S. Robert. Eve’s Seed: Biology, the Sexes, and the Course of History. McGraw-Hill. New York. 2001)

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Religion also plays an important part. Many leaders of the sixties’ protests were devotees of Hare Krishna. Hare Krishna seems to be ever-present at OWS camps. The god [intlink id=”24″ type=”post”]Krishna has similar attributes with Siva, Hermes and Dionyius or Bacchus[/intlink]. In Christian Hermeticism [intlink id=”802″ type=”post”]Jesus also takes on the attributes of a Hermetic god[/intlink]. Finally, Hermes [intlink id=”55″ type=”post”]Hermes Trismegistus[/intlink] was a key figure in the belief system of America’s founding fathers.  Most people know that Indo-European religions are characterized by abstinence, monogamy, sacrifice and self-denial. They may not know that the other extreme also belongs to Indo-European religion and includes sacred prostitution and the Bacchanalia. The Bacchanalia is not rebellion against the status quo. It is part of the status quo. More importantly, it doesn’t inspire clear thought. That may be one reason why the protests of the sixties failed to achieve lasting reform.

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