#TalkPoverty at the Last Debate: Monday, October 22

Once again, I’m sharing an email from The Coalition on Human Needs about the Presidential debates. The last debate is coming up on Monday, October 22, and will focus on foreign policy. The moderator is Bob Schieffer (@BobSchieffer). The point the Coalition wants to make about poverty and our national presence is: How can we be competitive in the world when one in five of our generation lives in poverty? According to a U.N. report released this year, the United States has the second-highest child poverty rate among wealthy nations.

In the last debate, candidates addressed issues like pay equity and tax credits, which directly affect child poverty, but we still haven’t heard a question about their comprehensive plans to tackle poverty in America. There is good news, however. This week NPR’s All Things Considered [ref name=”Candidates’ Views on Poverty Get Little Attention”]Candidates’ Views on Poverty Get Little Attention. All Things Considered. NPR. Oct. 15. 2012. Available:http://www.npr.org/2012/10/15/162953753/candidates-views-on-poverty-get-little-attention[/ref] covered the #TalkPoverty campaign; a #TalkPoverty Tweet was featured on the late local news on NBC4 in Washington; and President Obama responded in writing to a letter sent by partners of The Coalition on Human Needs about how he plans to address child poverty if given another term. [ref name=”Obama Breaks Silence on Child Poverty”]Capehart, Jonathan. Obama Breaks Silence on Child Poverty. Oct. 16, 2012. Post Partisan. Available: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-partisan/post/obama-breaks-silence-on-child-poverty/2012/10/16/ad72f93e-17d4-11e2-8792-cf5305eddf60_blog.html[/ref]

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