The Republicans Really Are that Crazy

If it is true that the conversation about healthcare has focused too much on who pays for it, it’s also true that American business is right to be concerned. Healthcare legislation affects employers. However, the conversation gets messy when the recipients of healthcare dollars weigh in on the same side as industry and business. This has happened through campaign contributions. For example, insurance companies are among the top ten contributors to Republicans fighting Affordable Care, even though the same politicians have gladly accepted donations from business and industry. This conflict of interest was demonstrated when business lobbies failed to bring an end to the government shutdown. In fact, the Republicans have obviously chosen to turn against the country as a whole.

Because of the disconnection between the PACs and think tanks, and the voters’ ability to punish them, the threat of default is real. If you seriously considered the employee walkout I recommended yesterday, it looks like the mere threat would not have been enough to stop it anyway, and Thursday would have been too late. An employee walkout would have to begin immediately to make a difference. Again, employers who fire employees as a result would have to be boycotted. I leave it up to you.

If we survive this manufactured crisis, there is still a lot to talk about concerning healthcare. Consider the work Public Citizen is doing on a single-payer plan. This plan doesn’t involve a fight to repeal Affordable Care. States can already create their own healthcare system under the ACA (Public Citizen)

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