Crisis is Over, Forgive, Forget, and Don’t Repeat

White House spokesman Jay Carney said there were no winners in the shutdown feud.  That’s true from my point of view as well.  Oh, there is relief that it’s over but there’s also amazement that it lasted so long.  You almost feel grateful until you realize it’s like being happy that some mugger didn’t kill you.

The President and John Boehner have said there are no hard feelings, and I’m sure they mean it.  Now that it’s over, I’m willing to forgive and forget too–I’ll forgive the politicians but I won’t forgive the shady PACs with their dark money.  I see them as the enemy at the gate.

That’s why somewhere along the way it occurred to me that if I could do something to help, I should.  In the process, I took the chance of looking like the blogger with imaginary visitors.  If you had any idea how much time and energy I’ve spent trying to avoid that kind of situation, you’d know how worried I was about the default.  I really resent those who forced that fear on me and on the world.

By the way, the idea that I could do something began with that article about the stock of a certain company.  When I wrote it, I was under the impression that I didn’t have enough visitors to influence a stock price.  Coincidence maybe…

Anyway, now that the crisis is over it might feel like we’ve avoided a horrible fate when in reality we’ve spent two weeks dreading an economic collapse, worrying our friends and creditors and wasting time that we could have spent talking about something else.  We didn’t really avoid it at all.  We lived through everything but the actual default.

President Obama has said the new bill would insure the government no longer operates in crisis mode.  If anything would make the last two weeks worthwhile, it would be that.   Congratulations to the President and all those who kept a cool head.



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