The Stock Market & Controversy Don’t Mix

I wrote previously about two innovative American companies. Since that time, it’s occurred to me that some people might associate those companies with controversial statements on this site. Since the companies have no relationship to any of the opinions stated here, I’ve deleted the articles about them. I still own shares in them however, and if I decide to sell them I’ll announce it here first.

I’ve also considered deleting a few controversial posts on unrelated topics. I’ve done this before but never because I thought someone else wouldn’t like them—I deleted them because I myself didn’t like something about them, or in one case, I deleted a post because it was just plain wrong—the one about Libya’s Arab Spring where I wrote in favor of helping Libyan rebels. I also canceled my cable TV account over that issue, when I realized that Western governments had ulterior motives. I admit it was embarrassing to be so wrong so early in this blog but that wasn’t the only reason I deleted it. The other reason was that I no longer agreed with what I’d written. I think now that I should have kept it in place and drawn lines through the words, but I didn’t think of it until it was too late. Maybe this confession can begin to make up for that error in judgement, but my point is that normally I wouldn’t delete anything simply because people didn’t like it.

But now I’m considering deletions even though this time I stand by everything I wrote. The suspicion that articles on this site might have had a bad effect on a good company has been the cause of a great deal of personal stress. However, rather than delete them I’ve decided to take them down and rewrite the main ideas. In the meantime, if it turns out these posts weren’t having the effect I thought they were, I can always republish them as they are. However, I won’t replace the company articles or recommend additional stocks.

I realize taking articles down might set a bad precedent—there will always be someone who doesn’t like what’s being said on a blog and who will try to pressure the writer. I’ll just say this will be the last time I take posts down for any reason. I’m only doing so now because it was clearly a mistake to recommend stocks side-by-side with controversial articles.

Update: I no longer own any of the stocks mentioned in this blog.

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