What Does Theology Have to do with Life?

In case you missed my previous speculation about the Virgin Mary, I’ll point out that it’s surprisingly easy to start speculating about theology, even when you know better. What I really wanted to talk about, rather than female ordination, was an old conversation about art that took place in early twentieth century France. By contrast, I find our current direction rather depressing.

French cubist Albert Gleizes also ventured into Christian theology to the dismay of his Catholic friends. Gleizes, a convert to the Catholic Church, unwittingly brought up an old debate pitting St. Augustine against Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas. Gleizes argued that the ascendence of Aristotle and Aquinas in the 12th century had been detrimental to Christian art. In this he was influenced by René Guénon. ((Brooke, Peter, Albert Gleizes: For and Against the Twentieth Century, Yale University Press, 2001)) I don’t have a position on this debate, although I have my doubts about the influence of Guénon, another individual that the Church accompanied. I became familiar with him after writing Hermes in India. From what I can tell, the Church was on the right side of this debate. However, Gleizes biographer was in his corner.

But how are we to understand the relationship between theology and the physical world? For example, what do we do about the fact that our communities are not our own? This isn’t a casual question. Right now I’m wondering what I have to do to get an answer from the BLM. I wrote to them a few weeks ago for information about the Cliven Bundy case. (That was about the time my stocks started their latest decline.) It’s ridiculous to talk about reform under these circumstances.

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