The Real World of OTC

Recently an investment site published a negative article about OriginClear (OriginOil). OriginOil has its problems, as I’ve already said. However, this article may not be unbiased. [ref name=“Hotstock Precision Related company Sued for Fraud”]Peter Hristov, Hotstock Precision Related Company Sued for Fraud, 1 Feb. 2014. Available:[/ref] It says the jump in the stock price on the 17th was due to paid promotion. Silly me, I thought it was because of my article. But I guess they should know because these people have promoted the securities of companies on the OTC and Pink Sheets exchange. But strangely, this website,, has been publishing similar articles about OriginOil since at least 2010.

A random commenter on the above cited article says Hotstocked is run by the shorts—people who make money if the stock price goes down. But so what? That’s the world we live it. What it comes down to is this: this is not good news for OriginClear investors.

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