Putin Comes Courting in Syria, U.S. Acts Coy

You may be aware that when the Syrian conflict was just getting started Assad offered to team up with the U.S. to fight ISIS.  The U.S. said no thank you.  Now Putin has offered to help end it with pretty much the same result.  You might think the situation is too complex to make a judgement call here, but once you’ve made it a priority to protect populations in each country, it becomes clear that it’s a mistake to reject such an offer.  Here Stephen F. Cohen and and John Bachelor talk about Putin’s recent offer to help end the Syrian civil war: ((http://www.thenation.com/article/the-obama-administration-rejects-russias-offer-to-form-a-new-military-coalition-vs-isis-in-syria/))

Also in the last post I called for an end to the World Bank.  Well, it looks like the bank is up to its old tricks in Greece.  Greece’s creditors have raised taxes on Greek Farmers.  They’ve also removed food import restrictions. See: List of prior actions – version of 26 June 20 00-2

Here’s an article that illustrates just how upside-down the World Bank’s current agricultural policies really are: ((http://www.rightingfinance.org/?p=1055))

And you might like to read about an ongoing campaign to dismantle both the World Bank and the IMF. ((http://www.colorado.edu/AmStudies/lewis/ecology/dismant.htm))

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