Bernie’s Campaign Takes a Hit

I pity the ‘liberal’ pundits who’ve been insisting that Bernie is ‘unelectable’. I pity them because when they write about other subjects they seem so level headed that I suspect they may be in pain. They probably never thought they’d be spending the last months of the primary campaign writing things that they know are nonsense. After all, Hillary was supposed to be sweeping to victory by now, meaning that any bias on the part of these writers—or their editors’—would remain secret.

Nevertheless, I guess we should find out what they mean by electability. According the British media, which is not much better than ours, one part of electability is ‘the ceaseless work of appearing plausible’ and the other part is policy, which apparently is also ‘a matter of seeming’. And it’s curious that it isn’t only the Right-leaning papers like the BBC who play this game in Britain—the Guardian plays it as well. Paul Myerscough puts the blame on the media’s inability to adjust to the changing political reality. ((Paul Myerscough, Corbyn in the Media, London Review of Books, 22 October 2015. Available: Sounds rather innocent doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, the problem in the United States is that Beelzebub and his minions have us where they want us. It would be so sweet to see them fall on their lying faces, but regardless of the outcome of the primary contest, Bernie’s campaign has already revealed the impotence of their wealth. However that won’t save the hapless, captive media from playing out this farce to the bitter end.

Meanwhile, we now have a new crisis—the database breach—to worry about. ((Maryalice Parks, Benjamin Siegal, Paola Chavez and Veronica Stracqualursi, DNC Data Breach, ABC News, December 18, 2015. Available: Of course, The Washington Post, a die-hard Clinton supporter, was the first to report that the Sanders campaign was expelled over a database glitch. That should be no surprise, but who should weigh in today on the relative merits of Sanders versus Clinton but the Guardian?((Richard Wolffe, Bernie Sanders is not the Threat to Hillary Clinton He May Appear to Be. The Guardian, December 18, 2015. Available: Apparently these people have no intention of waiting around for a repeat of Britain’s election results.

Update: Bernie’s campaign filed suit this afternoon against the DNC:  Bernie 2016 Inc. v. DNC Services Corp., 15-cv-2211, U.S. District Court, District of Columbia (Washington) h/t.  You can follow Bernie on Twitter @SenSanders, and sign his petition telling the DNC that you expect a level playing field at  You can also see the Twitter posting about the law suit.  Jennifer Epstein @jenips provided this tweet, citing @andynewsnowindc. 

Update December 19: The DNC agreed last night to restore the Sanders campaign’s access to its own database @NicholsUprising.  The party faced the threat of an emergency court injunction.

December 19:  The consensus is that Sanders campaign staffers were in the wrong.  However, DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz has said from the beginning that Senator Sanders had nothing to do with it.  On the other hand, there seems to be general agreement that she should have dealt with the whole thing privately.  

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