South Carolina’s Big Misunderstanding

I just saw a disturbing story on CBS News. They did a survey to find out which issues are most important to South Carolina’s voters. They listed four concerns, and they counted income inequality and the economy/jobs as two different issues. The economy and jobs was at the top of the list with 43%, and income inequality was at the bottom with 10%. (Healthcare was second with 23% and terrorism third with 20%.) According to this story, respondents defined a good economy as one where they can get good job for themselves and their neighbor, and they defined income inequality as a liberal issue having to do with whether one person earns the same salary as another. This is not at all what Sanders is talking about. Income inequality has everything to do with the economy and jobs.

When most of the wealth is at the top the economy doesn’t work. The wealthy have so much money they couldn’t spend it even if they wanted to, so they invest it, meaning that it doesn’t circulate. When corporations are so large that they account for the majority of the productivity and sales, they leave no room for local business and job creation. And when they are so powerful that they can move overseas to save costs, they no longer offer anything of value to the community. Likewise, the Wall Street Journal has been saying that the stock market likes the idea of breaking up big banks. Big banks are not good for the banking business and they are not good for communities.

The fact that the CBS survey separated economy/jobs from income inequality makes you wonder whether the voters made this mistake on their own, or they had help.  Hopefully it’s possible to clear this up before super Tuesday–and to find out if the other states have similar surveys in circulation.