There Are Two People in the Race for President

Hillary says her Iraq War vote was a mistake, but what does she mean by that? Does she mean her finger hit the ‘yes’ button by mistake? Hillary voted for war in Iraq because she knew it was part of the plan for the Middle East. Her Iraq vote was not a mistake. In last night’s town hall in New Hampshire when Hillary Clinton was asked about her progressive credentials she didn’t point to anything specific. She said, “I know who I am, I know who supports me…” This is similar to the way she handled the question in the first debate about her lack of a plan in Libya. She said “We did have a plan,” and then she went on to talk about something else. In truth, her only real plan in Libya was to facilitate taking what she wanted. In South America too the Clintons are up to their necks in dirty tricks. Bill Clinton increased military aid to Colombia in 2000 just before leaving the White House. This was called Plan Colombia and it provided billions of dollars to Columbia’s repressive government. The effect was to increase government and military-allied death squads with ties to the intelligence services, judiciary, municipal government, legislature, and executive branch…” And then came Hillary’s tenure as secretary of state.
“It’s hard to convey just how stunningly cynical she has been on Colombia: In 2008, running against Obama, she opposed, in unambiguous terms, a free-trade deal with Colombia…Yet even as she was telling voters she was against the deal, her chief adviser, Mark Penn, was meeting with Colombian officials to tell them otherwise. Then it was revealed that Bill Clinton was paid $800,000 by the Colombia-based Gold Service International to give four speeches in Latin America, in which he advocated for the free-trade agreement. “Estoy a favor,” he said. Once Hillary Clinton was appointed secretary of state by Barack Obama, she changed her position and pushed for the deal (Obama, too, reversed his campaign pledge)…Now she is repeating the exact same pirouette with the Trans-Pacific Partnership. As secretary of state, she backed it. As candidate, she opposes it, “as of today”.” ((Greg Grandin, Ben Carson Isn’t the Only US Politician With a Hand in Shady Dealings…, The Nation, Nov. 2015))
And from Telesur:
“Indeed, a notable fact in the Colombia Victims Unit report is that “that the majority of victimization occurred after 2000, peaking in 2002 at 744,799 victims.” It is not coincidental that “Plan Colombia,” or “Plan Washington” as many Colombians have called it, was inaugurated by President Bill Clinton in 2000, thus escalating the conflict to new heights and new levels of barbarity. Plan Colombia is a plan pursuant to which the U.S. has given Colombia billions in mostly military and police assistance.” ((Daniel Kovalik, The Wages of Plan Columbia Have Been Death,, Feb. 3, 2016. Available:
Consider this information when you listen to Hillary talk about her faith in last night’s town hall. And compare it to Bernie’s answer to the faith question: Some will say it’s bad strategy to criticize Clinton in the primary—what if she’s the nominee? they’ll say. I disagree. The Republicans aren’t about to harp on these things because they love the Clintons’ foreign policy. It’s like during the Benghazi hearings when they only wanted to use the emails to prove she was responsible for the attack on the embassy. They never questioned the rationale for the actual destruction of Libya because that suited them just fine. I admit it’s hard to know what they’ll do with the 22 top-secret emails withheld by the State Department. It’s likely these were designated top-secret because they contained information about CIA agents, and it’s known that the CIA operated out of the Benghazi embassy. You have to wonder if the DNC is so blinded by its determination to elect Hillary that it would ignore this at the risk of giving the presidency to a Republican. Not that it will make any difference to the rest of us. If Hillary is the nominee, the oligarchs will have their way with us no matter which candidate is elected to the presidency. The only real choice we’re going to get in this election is the choice of the Democratic nominee. There are two candidates in the presidential race: Bernie Sanders, and everyone else.

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