Sanders Was Right About North Korea

The most substantial criticism the Clinton campaign has been able to come up with against Bernie Sanders is his lack of foreign policy experience. However, it would seem that this criticism is no longer credible. During New Hampshire’s debate, Sanders stated his opinion that North Korea represents the greatest threat to U.S. national security. He said this although he knew official U.S. policy identified Russia and Iran as the greatest threat.

Reuters reported Monday that the North Koreans launched ‘an object’ into space.((Ju-Min Park and Louis Charbonneau, North Korean Rocket Puts Object Into Space, Angers neighbors, U.S.Reuters, Feb 8, 2016. Available: Wednesday the New York Times reported that North Korea’s nuclear effort is the United States’ top national security threat. ((Mark Landler, North Korea Nuclear Threat Cited by James Clapper, Intelligence Chief, New York Times, Feb 9, 2016. Available:

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