Nevada’s Deep State

The mystery of the Nevada Democratic Caucus has been cleared up. ((Arun Gupta, A Corporate Democratic Party is Hostile Ground for Bernie Sanders. Telesur, Feb. 25, 2016. Available: Caucus votes were delivered to Hillary Clinton by the casino owners, the Democratic Party, and the Culinary Workers Union, which was supposed to be neutral.

Unionized Black and Hispanic workers at six major Las Vegas casinos backed Clinton with the help and encouragement of their union leaders, their bosses, and Harry Reid. The colluding casinos were Caesars Palace, Harrah’s, MGM, Rio, the Winn and New York-New York.

Harry Reid not only pushed CWU local 226 into helping with the effort, he also pressured casino owners to give their workers paid time off so they could caucus. And to make it really easy to vote for Clinton, the Democratic Party set up caucuses at the casinos and extended the noon starting deadline by an hour or more to assure a large casino turnout.

And it gets weirder. Members of the SEIU have been working for four years for a $15 an hour wage but during the caucuses many of them ended up telling lies for the $12-an-hour lady. The pro-Clinton Service Employees International Union passed out fliers portraying Clinton as a supporter of a $15-an-hour wage.

The media would like us to believe Nevada changed everything for the Democratic contenders, but as usual it’s just playing a part in the magic show. Hillary’s Nevada Victory was all smoke and mirrors.

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