Bernie Sanders: a Future to Believe In

Sorry Hillary Clinton, but the real artful smear in this presidential campaign had nothing to do with your paid speeches. The real artful smear was your establishment’s racist innuendos about Bernie Sanders’ whiteness.

Blaming an entire race of people for a nation’s problems has always been politically useful. In this campaign it started as a tool for reining in Bernie Sanders’ candidacy. I remember how sick I felt when I first heard the corporate media inform the public that Bernie Sanders is a white man from a white state. They argued that for the sole reason of his whiteness, black people weren’t going to vote for him. In retrospect I think this was the beginning of the campaign-conversation’s downhill slide.

From there it progressed to the [intlink id=”2148″ type=”post”]Black Lives Matter[/intlink] episodes at Sanders’ rallies. Unfortunately this movement’s scorn for the idea that all lives matter may have invited the answering snarl we’ve been hearing from white supremacists—a snarl that is now being skillfully marshaled by Donald Trump.

Do I need to point out that Donald Trump has been a perfect foil to Bernie Sanders from the day he announced his candidacy? Although there is no resemblance between Sanders and Trump, the corporate media continues to insist they’re the same. Donald is Bernie, they say, only Republican. Of course this leaves Cruz and Rubio as the only bonafide Republicans in the race and frankly I think their youthful cluelessness is rather touching compared to the cleverness of Trump and Clinton. The Republicans think they’re in the game when they don’t even know what the game is.

For me, Sanders’ candidacy has always been about what we are leaving to our [intlink id=”2062″ type=”post”]children and grandchildren[/intlink]. If you look at the future realistically it’s clear that these dishonest political games are a luxury we can’t afford. Ideally, the presidency of the United States is not a feather in someone’s cap. The person who fills this office must be able to lead us into a future that no one has ever seen before.  In spite of this fact the establishment of both parties clings to economic, social, and foreign policies that are inadequate to deal with it.

We really only have two choices: we can continue in our self-centered, short-sighted, and greedy path, which will condemn most of the world’s population to a slow death by disease and starvation; or we can make a common-sense plan for world-wide peace and prosperity. If we go with the first choice, we’ll survive at the expense of our humanity, if we survive at all. If we go with the second choice I won’t deny that we’ll have to innovate to assure the survival of the planet, but what a challenge that will be. And what an adventure!

So I say let’s not be the kind of people who throw the weak and the vulnerable under the bus. Instead, let’s to do our best to assure a humane future for all of the world’s people.

This is the conversation. If we want it to continue we need Sanders in the White House.

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