The Donald is the Corporate Media’s Creature

One of the most disturbing parts of the violence at Trump rallies is his refusal to acknowledge his part in it. The other disturbing part is the media’s collusion. The networks give Trump more press than any of the other candidates, while at the same time they insist that all the candidates are interchangeable. Likewise they insist that Trump’s followers are interchangeable with the followers of Bernie Sanders.

Considering that we’ve spent the last 50 years fortifying ourselves against the kind of behavior we’re seeing at Trump’s rallies—for the reason that its effects on the human race are only too well-known—Trump’s behavior should give us doubts about his motives and intentions. When you add the media’s behavior to the picture, as well as the bias that the police and secret service have shown at Trump’s brawls, you realize this is bigger than Trump.

Another term for today’s media is ‘the corporate media’. The media became corporate through a process rather than a single event. The following YouTube video published back in 2013 lays it all out.

If you want to know which candidate best serves our political and media grand poobahs, find out which one gets the most air time. Based on the amount of air time Donald Trump gets relative to other candidates, I think it’s reasonable to ask whether he’s really the rogue player he claims to be.

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