Sanders Supporters Disenfranchised at Nevada Democratic Convention

Ed Opperman’s YouTube channel, The Opperman Report, reported live on Saturday that Hillary Clinton’s supporters are railroading the Nevada Democratic convention.

Opperman reports that Michelle White, Hillary’s Nevada campaign manager, with the help of Marla Turner, Secretary of the Party’s Executive Board, tried Friday night to move someone on Clinton’s alternate list, who was not even there at the time, to the delegate list.  Michelle White had a whole different list of delegates than the one that had been agreed upon by the convention workers.

Fortunately, the other members at the convention wouldn’t allow them to change the delegate count on Friday, and since White’s faction didn’t have a quorum, they couldn’t proceed.  However Saturday morning at 7 a.m. they removed Christine Kramar the chair of the credentials committee, accusing her of, what else?…giving Clinton information to the Sanders campaign! ((Jon Ralston, Bernie vs. Hillary Boils Over in Nevada Before Clark Convention, Ralston Reports, April 2, 2016. Available:

Apparently SIEU had handed out letters Friday night telling Bernie’s supporters to return Saturday at noon, while they told Hillary’s supporters to be there at 7 a.m.   So Saturday morning those who objected to these tactics, and who were fortunate enough to be there in time, had to link arms with Christine to keep her from being physically removed.  Some Clinton supporters protested the tactics as well.  The bottom line is that Crystal Glass, Angie Sullivan, Melody Nelson and Christine L. Kramar were given trespass notices at the Nevada Democratic Convention.

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