Sanders Wins Majority of Delegates at Nevada Democratic Convention

The corporate media didn’t think the drama at Nevada’s convention was important. Nor did media bigwigs think it was important to report the fact that Bernie Sanders won more delegates at the convention than Clinton. For the details of the Nevada caucus see Tom Cahill’s article on U.S. Uncut. ((Tom Cahill, Bernie Sanders Wins the Nevada Caucus After All, U.S. Uncut, April 3, 2016. Available:

Coincidentally, Trump also lost the delegate selection process, in Louisiana, in spite of the media’s fawning coverage of him. Apparently the media’s elites think we’re buying the story that Trump is a populist, like Bernie. Otherwise why would they keep saying it?  Of course that’s nonsense, Trump is an anti-populist. His candidacy has been compared to that of George Wallace, another man who used fear and racism to get his way. And who was Wallace running against? Civil rights advocate Hubert Humphrey. For a discussion of what he hoped to accomplish see the article on Wikipedia. ((George Wallace Presidential Campaign, 1968. Wikipedia. Available:,_1968))

Populists don’t turn people against each other by drumming up fear. That’s the plutocracy’s trick.  That’s how they keep us in line.  The media takes us all for fools.

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