Missouri Democratic Party Helps Hillary

On March 28, two weeks after the Missouri primary, the Missouri Democratic Party chose to reinterpret the rules for delegate allocation, potentially cementing Clinton’s victory in that state. By Friday evening, this change will be final.

Clinton won the Missouri primary in a near tie. However under the old interpretation, because Sanders won in the counties with more voters, he would have won more delegates for the state. If the Party is successful in allowing the delegate count in each county to be allocated by the entire congressional district’s proportionality, then instead of Sanders earning 629 delegates to Clinton’s 601, he will only get 578 delegates to Clinton’s 652.

Technically, this is not illegal.  Apparently, the Party’s handbook is written so that it can be interpreted either way. However, the timing of this change, and the fact that it reverses the outcome of the primary, puts it on the dirty trick list for the 2016 presidential primary.((Reddit: Sanders for President, April 7, 2016. Available:

Thanks to Tim Black on YouTube for bringing this to my attention.



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