Hillary’s Shameless Posturing on Gun Control

I’m finally listening to the last debate—I can never get CNN’s live stream to work so I have to wait for it to be posted on YouTube. Sadly, it feels like torture to listen to it. I know that if New Yorkers voted today, and if it was a fair vote, Bernie would win. To put it more bluntly, I know he would be ahead already if not for all the tricks. So when Hillary lays claim to Bernie’s policies, it sounds like she’s laughing at the very idea of authenticity—it sounds as if she’s mocking us. She’s laughing at the idea of truth.

During this election we’ve been hearing a lot about how her foreign policy decisions made things worse in the Middle East instead of better, and how these decisions have led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. In her own defense she’s said that her vote on Iraq was a mistake and also that it’s too early to tell how Libya will turn out. Many have expressed concern that she seems poised to handle Syria in the same way, but of course her supporters are not concerned at all. They seem to have no objection to her recklessness. Maybe if they were confronted with the domestic meddling that Hillary carried out as a civilian they would have to admit there is something deeply troubling in this candidacy.

In 1993 when Hillary Clinton was first lady she was largely responsible for the tragedy at Waco, Texas in which members of the Branch Davidians, many of them women and children, were burned to death in their compound.((Linda Tripp—Hillary Ordered Waco Slaughter and Clinton Abused Monica, rense.com. Available: http://www.rense.com/general8/tripp.htm))

According to Linda Tripp, Janet Reno begged aides for a reason not to proceed with the orders she received from first lady Hillary Clinton, but she was finally forced to launch a military-style teargas attack, after which a U.S. army tank rammed the building and inserted flammable gas. That’s what started the building on fire. Vince Foster was devastated over this outcome and he was dead three months later, supposedly from suicide. However, according to Tripp Hillary seemed unmoved by it.

This shouldn’t be surprising considering that during the standoff Hillary did what she could to make her cowboy approach acceptable to the public. According to Steve Barry, a retired, long-time member of Army Special Forces, Hillary put together a “crisis center” on her own initiative, and it was this crisis center that sent out accusations of “child abuse” by adult members of the sect, including leader David Koresh.

As frightening as Clinton’s foreign policy exuberance is, this story suggests that her behavior is motivated by an equal opportunity character flaw—a character flaw that includes domestic policy.

The Clintons didn’t have to do any of this—it was a calculated political decision. President Clinton and Hillary were embarrassed politically by the standoff so they pulled out all the stops, even sending the Combat Applications Group of Fort Bragg, N.C. ((Mike Blair, Military Unit Responsible at Waco. The Forbidden Knowledge. Available: http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/military_unit.htm))

Later they claimed Delta Force had an advisory role, but this claim has been contradicted. Delta Force had a direct operational role according to Barry, and as such it violated Posse Comitatus which outlaws the use of Army forces to enforce civilian law. Bill Clinton’s order for Army involvement at Waco was a high crime or misdemeanor and therefore, an impeachable felony offense.

Meanwhile, the recorded debate is still playing in the background. I can hardly believe my ears—Hillary is trashing Senator Sanders over his gun policies!

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