No Donald, I Won’t Vote for You

The disappointment in New York and then in the next four states has taught me something about Bernie Sanders’ campaign. At a subsequent rally when he gave his familiar speech to another big crowd he demonstrated to me that he and his followers are still focused on the big picture. His campaign won’t be sent packing that easily.

No, I haven’t forgotten that for those of us who have been cheering him on, the voter purges and other tricks have felt like a continuous hit and run, so I’m glad we’ve started to talk about it. However I think the corporate media took it as a cue that Bernie is out of the way for good. Do they not know that his supporters are busy exposing election fraud and filing lawsuits in the states of Arizona and New York?  The following video from The Sane Progressive goes into more detail.

So why torment us with all the crazy claims, like the one that says Donald Trump has a chance with Bernie’s supporters?  Those of us who live in the real world know that Bernie Sanders is the only candidate with a prayer of making a difference for this country and that Trump’s campaign has been an act, right down to the actors hired to cheer for him. ((Aaron Couch and Emmet McDermott, Donald Trump Campaign offered actors $50 to cheer for him at Presidential Announcement, The Hollywood Reporter. 6/17/2015. Available:

As for Hillary Clinton’s plea that we switch our allegiance to her, I just can’t figure out why she needs us to vote for her. I’m not being sarcastic—I’d really like someone to explain it to me. In any case, I’m not about to tell anyone how to vote if Senator Sanders is not the nominee. I’m sure it will be hard enough to make that decision for myself, but happily we haven’t come to that point yet. The Sanders campaign isn’t over for me until Sanders says it’s over.

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