My List of Pet Peeves and Strange Behaviors in the 2016 Election

  1.  People who criticize Bernie Sanders because he’s not radical enough.
  2.   People who give Occupy Wall Street credit for creating Bernie Sanders. These are often the same people who think Sanders is not radical enough.
  3. People who play the role of America’s honorary lefty, usually at the behest of the people mentioned above. Their job is to come out on cue and criticize any candidates who threaten the establishment.
  4. People who tell Sanders’ voters that in the event Sanders is not the nominee, they should write in Sanders’ or Jill Stein. This is not a strategy unless your goal is to take votes away from Sanders. By the way, how did Jill Stein manage to attach herself to Sanders’ campaign? Talk about a free-rider!
  5. People who claim to be on our side, and then react to strategy suggestions like they’re personal attacks.
  6. People whose personal pride is more important to them than the conversation.
  7. People who openly call the electorate ‘ignorant’, which is not even close to the spirit of this conversation as I understand it.
  8. People who publicly blame our candidate for widespread election fraud, potentially causing doubt among his supporters, which makes no sense considering the process for addressing election fraud is defined by statute in each state, meaning that avenues for recourse are constrained by these statutes. The case of New York should illustrate how blaming a candidate is nonsense. All we really need to know here is that a candidate can’t initiate a re-canvas in New York, except in village elections. However, I’ll also mention the two law suits and the audit that have been initiated in new York, and which are going forward as they should, without Sanders’ input.

Have a safe and uncluttered primary day everyone.

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