One Interpretation of the 2016 Election

If we believe the media, this election is a battle between individuals and their parties. The media is lying. It’s really a battle between global finance and the people. This would put the supporters of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and the third party candidates on the same side.  A case in point is that the National Resources Development Council has endorsed Hillary Clinton.  ((Jay Taber, A Fixed Mentality. The Wrong Kind of Green. December 1, 2015. Available: The NRDC is represented by the likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, and its policies are endorsed by the Green Party. ((III Ecological Sustainability. Available:

The most chilling thing about the establishment media’s support of Hillary Clinton is its ability to ignore the threat she poses to the people. However, there’s no need to demonize Hillary. What the establishment is supporting is a takeover by the globalist financiers.

Hillary Clinton would not have set up a private server without the permission of those she serves. Therefore, we should assume that her masters didn’t care if the Russians, the Chinese, the hackers, and perhaps the tech-savvy ISIS, knew of her business dealings. Obviously, her dealings were beneficial to these parties, or at least they were no threat to them. On the other hand the globalists did object to the American people seeing her emails. Therefore, we should assume that the Clintons’ business dealings were detrimental to the people’s interests. The same arguments can probably be made for the Clinton Foundation.

At one time we hoped that the FBI would take these pretenders out of the picture, at least for the duration of this election. Who knows, Hillary might welcome this intervention. If she were indicted for following her masters’ orders, they couldn’t blame her for failing to win the White House.

But what if we were wrong to give up on the FBI? There was that story about how certain agents threatened to resign if nothing came of the investigation, and hints that they might leak information to the press. Of course the leak could easily be denied…

On May 29, an article on Huffington Post alleged that the FBI recommended an indictment of Hillary Clinton on federal racketeering charges. It was promptly deleted and denied, and the author’s Huffpo account was suspended. But to quote a well-known public figure, ‘what difference could it possibly make at this point?’ Because evidence of racketeering is already in the public domain. The only thing in doubt is the FBI’s recommendation.  And lest Donald Trump get overly excited by this argument, he’s every bit the servant of the globalists that Hillary Clinton is.

In the end, the most important lesson of this election is almost never mentioned. It’s a measure of whether our leaders value their own legitimacy. A ruler’s legitimacy has always been inseparable from the will of the people, or at least the appearance of the people’s will. If the establishment no longer recognized this, it wouldn’t have bothered with an election at all. And it certainly wouldn’t have negotiated with Bernie Sanders. It’s our job to strengthen these limits.

As for the global financiers, they actually believe they operate under some kind of immunity. They honestly think standards of accountability don’t apply to them. They’re wrong. Accountability is not something one agrees to. It’s a fact of life. Therefore, not only is the entire premise of the global elite pathological, its new world order is built on sand.

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