Bill Clinton’s Private Meeting With Loretta Lynch

A private meeting took place Wednesday between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport. ((Christopher Sign, Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton Meet Privately in Phoenix, ABC15 News, June 29, 2016. Available: ABC15 questioned Lynch about this meeting during her news conference at the Phoenix Police Department. The news conference was purportedly the reason for her trip to Phoenix. According to Lynch it was the most spontaneous meeting ever experienced by two public figures. The fact that one of them is currently being investigated by the other had nothing to do with it. Nothing at all. The following was reported by ABC15’s Christopher Sign:

The private meeting comes as Lynch’s office is in charge of the ongoing investigation and potential charges involving Clinton’s email server.

The private meeting also occurred hours before the Benghazi report was released publicly involving Hillary Clinton and President Obama’s administration.

Lynch said the private meeting on the tarmac did not involve these topics.

“Our conversation was a great deal about grandchildren, it was primarily social about our travels and he mentioned golf he played in Phoenix,” said Lynch Tuesday afternoon while speaking at the Phoenix Police Department.”

So it seems that neither of them mentioned the investigation.  Nor did they mention yoga.

“There was no discussion on any matter pending before the Department or any matter pending with any other body, there was no discussion of Benghazi, no discussion of State Department emails, by way of example I would say it was current news of the day, the Brexit decision and what it would mean.”

The meeting took place in Lynch’s private plane on the west side of Sky Harbor Airport and lasted about 30 minutes.