The FBI Assassinates Justice

The director of the FBI, ole what’s-his-name, recommended no charges for Hillary Clinton. I wonder if his behind is still sore from the reaming the Clintons gave it. Of course there’s always the possibility that after he heals up he’ll decide he liked it, and as luck would have it he’ll know where to go for more when the Clintons are in the White House. Now that’s convenience! By the way, I wonder if Guccifer’s disappearance from jail had anything to do with this.

Oh, and did I mention that Wikileaks finally released Hillary’s emails? ((Justin Carissimo, WikiLeaks publishes more than 1,000 Hillary Clinton war emails, Independent, July 5, 2016. Available: I guess there’s nothing left for the FBI to do at this point but pull up its pants and go hide in the dark somewhere. Not to say they won’t have some degree of consolation.  At least they’ve protected themselves from what’s to come. They failed to protected us of course but everyone knows those guys are all that really matters.  And I don’t want to fail to mention Loretta Lynch’s part in this. This woman will go down in history as the final nail in our coffin after single-handedly obliterating the idea of America as a law-abiding nation.

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