Did James Comey Put the Election Back on Track?

I may have been unfair to James Comey. We knew he was under pressure. However when he told us what the FBI had uncovered and then followed that by saying there would be no charges, many people, including me, concluded that he must lack courage.  However he may have helped us in ways that I didn’t understand at the time.

His main goal in calling a press conference—normally the FBI would have given its recommendations to the Department of Justice and the DOJ would have called a press conference—was to defend the honor of the Bureau.  He thought the best way to do this was through transparency.

It wasn’t that Comey, a lanky and low-key Republican career prosecutor who served as deputy attorney general under George W. Bush, thought that he could avoid blowback altogether. When he stepped up to the lectern at the Hoover Building on Tuesday, the FBI director knew that no matter what the investigation uncovered, one party or the other would be angry, arguing that the FBI had compromised its independence and integrity in pursuit of a political agenda. But he also knew the best way to avoid maximum blowback was transparency. And so, his only mission was to provide as complete an accounting as possible. As he said before reporters in his 15-minute remarks, “In this case, given the importance of the matter, I think unusual transparency is in order.”

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And although his main goal was to protect the reputation of the Bureau he may have thrown us a lifeline in the process. Based on the FBI’s findings, it’s possible the State Department could revoke Hillary Clinton’s security clearance even though she’s not currently an employee. Watch the video of State Department Spokesman John Kirby. ((Aaron Kliegman, State Department: Former Employees can be Subject to Repercussions, Have Security Clearances revoked. The Washington Free Beacon, July 6, 2016. Available: http://freebeacon.com/national-security/state-dept-former-employees-can-subject-punishment-security-clearances-revoked/)) However it’s my understanding that this must be done before she’s president.  At that time none of the rules apply to her.

I’m aware that to the establishment this will sound like the last gasp of a Bernie Sanders supporter. However I say this regardless of who the Democratic establishment might put in her place.

Which brings me to another important topic.  I have quite a lot to say about the uncomfortable place in which Sanders supporters find themselves at this time. I think it’s important to talk about it because I’ve realized that unless we deal with the events of this election and make sense of them, the election may demolish the conversation by making our efforts seem pointless.  Our efforts are not pointless.  The conversation is not pointless.  The task of my next post will be to begin making sense of the collision between the conversation and American politics, and establish a new basis for the hope we (I) once had in this conversation.

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