Parting Ways With Our Fair-Weather Friends

Yesterday when Hillary gave her speech at Bernie’s endorsement I couldn’t help but be impressed by the concessions she made to him and his issues. But of course none of the ‘progressive’ bloggers commented on this. The focus was on Bernie, whether or not he was too positive about her nomination, what his followers might think of his endorsement, etc. One supposed Bernie supporter, who has been characteristically biased against Bernie under the guise of trying to help him, picked out some obscure complaint and ignored everything else. That was followed up the next day by a rant about election fraud.

I’ve been watching these people for so long that I’m starting to see their pattern. It always seems to include a focus on election fraud, a gloomy and fatalistic view of the Democratic Party, and a veiled attempt to funnel Bernie supporters to Jill Stein. The covert support of Stein is probably that hardest part to forgive since it’s so obvious that it’s been there from the beginning.

Now that Bernie has endorsed Hillary this person claims to be ‘considering’ support for Jill Stein. However support for Stein, or I should say support for the obscure claim that if you vote for a third party often enough it will eventually bring down the establishment, has always been there under the surface. Support for Bernie was never anything more than an open pit to trap his supporters.

This blogger now claims that Sanders has been such a painful disappointment that her blog will no longer be used to support Democrats. Frankly I don’t see that as big a loss for Democrats. In fact, I’d like to be the first to offer my farewell:

Goodbye, and don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.

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