What Kind of Progressives Would Vote for Trump?

It’s time to speak frankly to the voters out there who say that Donald Trump will be no worse of a president than Hillary. Generally speaking, I believe these voters are suffering from a bad case of grandiosity. Even if they’re not personally inclined to be grandiose, they most certainly are grandiose in their willingness to tempt fate for the sake of their own peevishness. If you believe these people, they’re so pure and so brilliant they’ll know how to get the upper hand over a fascist dictator! Clearly they are delusional

Am I not afraid of alienating these voters, you ask? Why should I be afraid of alienating people who, when the whole world is teetering on the edge of a cliff, choose to add to the problem? That is not courage. It’s a denial of the desperate seriousness of our situation. It’s a denial that the situation has been desperately serious since before many of them were born. Grandiosity is not a good thing under any circumstances, but it is especially out of order when humility is called for.

The miracle of Bernie’s campaign should not be taken as an indication that we can do whatever we want to do. Yes it represents a toe-hold, but things could easily go against us even if we do everything right. And in my opinion it can’t possibly be the right choice for everyone to go their own way so early in this effort. Maybe these voters were only focused on what’s in it for them after all, but whatever their reasons their actions won’t affect me or my generation. What they decide now will affect them and their children.

I also want to talk about the YouTubers who pretended to support Bernie during the primary campaign and who continue to try to influence the outcome of the general election. Does it not make you the least bit suspicious that they’ve continued to bash Bernie since the primary ended? Why do you suppose that is? I have a theory about that.  I can just imagine the conversations they’ve been having with their benefactors:

YouTubers:  “But I don’t want to bash Bernie anymore. Wouldn’t it make more sense to talk about something else?”

Benefactors: “We’re not paying you to make sense you silly twit. Get back out there and read the script!”

Finally, if you’re thinking that Hillary created candidate Trump and that’s why you’re so determined not to vote for her, all we know for sure is that Bill Clinton encouraged him to run—Bill Clinton who seems unable to talk for five minutes without revealing some damaging little tidbit about Hillary; Bill Clinton, who benefited from her private server as much as she did, but as soon as it was discovered told her that she was in trouble; Bill Clinton who staged that drama with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in Phoenix; Bill Clinton who still bristles at the suggestion that the Democratic Party has moved back to the left as a result of this campaign; Bill Clinton, the good buddy of Donald Trump.

Maybe if you people would stop re-living a campaign that’s been over for more than a month, we could talk about whether it’s possible to make Hillary Clinton into our president. We could start by discussing the possibility of running interference between her and the First Gentleman.

If the DNC fails to deal with Hillary’s health issue one way or the other I will hold them all responsible for the outcome, but for now we have to go forward with what we know. And I say to those who are still screaming that you don’t want it to be like this, join the club!