Hillary and Romney are Apples and Oranges

Recently Hillary made a comment that caused everyone on the other side rise up in righteous indignation. She said that half of Trump’s supporters represent the ‘basket of deplorables’. I realized I had to say something about this when I saw a YouTube title comparing her comment to Romney’s 47% comment. How ironic that Trump’s racist followers (and she didn’t include all of his followers–just half of them) are now demanding unqualified respect for their loathsome views.  Talk about political correctness!

The main problem with this whole drama is that Trump’s supporters haven’t made a good case for the level of indignation that they’ve been trying to drum up. Clinton’s and Romney’s comments are not comparable.  It is legitimate to criticize people for a political stance, especially one that has caused terrible problems in the past; it’s not legitimate to criticize people for being poor. Hillary was right on this one.  Romney was wrong.

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