Will We Have an Odd Couple in the White House?

I’ve been listening to people try to explain Hillary’s logistics after her collapse on September 11, and none of it really makes sense. Why did she go to the 9/11 event if she had pneumonia, and once she collapsed why on earth didn’t they take her to the hospital? Then, why would she go to her daughter’s apartment to be near her grandchildren while she’s deathly ill with pneumonia? Finally, why didn’t her doctor feel it was necessary to be there?

The same observers thought it was fishy that Hillary came out of her daughter’s apartment ninety minutes later and appeared to be just fine. They also thought it was strange that the Secret Service allowed her to stand on the sidewalk unguarded and that no one objected when a small girl ran up to her to get a picture. Last but not least, Hillary looked thinner when she came out of the apartment than when she went in. When they added all these things up many people decided the second Hillary must be a body double! Now here’s my question.

If that Hillary was a body double, why are they so sure the woman who collapsed at the 9/11 event was the real Hillary? If she was a fake too at least that would explain her shabby appearance and her straight, slicked-back hair-do. It would also explain the following.

Don’t you think it’s strange that two different people were able to get a shot of Hillary Clinton being hoisted into the van while the secret service guys were staring in their direction? The agents must have seen them taking those pictures but they didn’t react. What can explain that? And regardless of the circumstances, what can explain the Secret Service throwing an incapacitated former first lady and Secretary of State headfirst into a van?

Whatever these people were up to I’m afraid we’ll be facing some hard facts before this is over. Increased doubts about Hillary’s health this late in the campaign make a Trump ascendancy inevitable. We should probably be asking whether anyone in Hillary’s inner circle will benefit from a Trump presidency.

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