This New York Times Article Didn’t Help Clinton

The New York Times recently published an article supporting Hillary and blaming Bernie for the fact that people don’t seem more excited about her presidency. I think they’ve got it wrong. Hillary and Bernie are in this together, more than anyone realizes.

I say this because I’ve learned that the people telling us to write in Bernie’s name are the same ones who were promoting Jill Stein in the primary. Only now they’re claiming it won’t make any difference to Hillary if people write in Bernie’s name in seven states. As usual they’re being disingenuous because at the same time they’re telling voters in the other states to vote for Stein. They just don’t quit!

Curiously the Stein supporters were the first to turn on Bernie after the convention, and they did so in a way that I think casts doubt on their former support for him.  One of the YouTubers even went so far as to tell her viewers not to join Bernie’s revolution. If all she wanted was to get her candidate elected you’d think Bernie’s exit would make her happy, but for some reason she’s still obsessed with him.

Many of us former Bernie supporters are voting for Hillary. On the other hand the Stein supporters (who claimed to be Bernie supporters in the primary) are some of Clinton’s loudest critics today. In my opinion this is not an act of loyalty to Bernie. It’s an act of defiance.

Although the New York Times thought it would be helpful to the Clinton campaign to blame Bernie, I hope Hillary understands what an asset he is for her campaign and for the Democratic Party.

Getting Our Groove Back After Election 2016

I spend several hours each day asking myself how I got here, whether it was a mistake to get sucked in by the political process in the first place, and if that’s always been true of American elections. It can’t be denied that we find ourselves in a field of quicksand. In retrospect the entire election is now a diversion and a waste of energy–except for the continuing movements that Bernie inspired.  Apparently those in charge, whoever they may be, were determined from the beginning to elect a new Devil in Chief and Bernie Sanders didn’t qualify.

I’m beginning to think Devil in Chief is the secret job description of the office of president. It must be written in blood somewhere and locked away in a musky-smelling ramshackle clubhouse with the other paraphernalia collected by lost boys the world over—secret decoder rings, creepy skeletons, black spots and voodoo dolls, and scraps of soiled and wrinkled notebook pages on which they practice forging their letters of credit.

Now in this particular election we behold something rare in the world—the prototype of the lost girl. I suppose it was only a matter of time in this upside-down world of ours before female characteristics could be pinched and pulled enough to fit that job description. However her nomination must have been in question when Bernie began his campaign because we were also given a Devil in Waiting, Donald Trump. In the end Donald beat out the other Devils in Waiting, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson.  Apparently for his trouble he will now be picked to death by Clinton carrion birds.

I have to say that it looks like I was right when I said there were never more than two candidates in this race: Bernie Sanders and everyone else. That’s why I think the only sensible alternative to voting for Hillary would be not voting at all. However the pundits have spent the entire election acting as if we have a veritable smorgasbord of alternatives. The kindest adjective I can think of to describe them is ‘clueless’.

Chris Hedges was pissed that Bernie wouldn’t run on the Green Party ticket, so rather than help him Hedges supported a rival candidate: Jill Stein. Out of one side of his mouth he argues that the system is beyond saving and it has to come down. Out of the other side he supports a duplicate Bernie to run in the very system that he’s already condemned. No one seems to notice that this doesn’t add up.

Gary Johnson on the other hand is the one guy in this race who has meaner social policies than Mitt Romney. And on top of that he’s a war hawk. If some of Bernie’s supporters are now voting for him, as the pundits say they are, I’ve gotta wonder why they supported Bernie in the first place.

But I’m getting off the track.  My main point here is that the hazards in this election seem to be psychological rather than political. I say this because we have very little say in the political outcome so we can’t be blamed either way.  At the same time we’re being forced to see it through to the bitter end with great fear and anxiety.  Now that we know the threat what can we do about it?

If we want to make our voices heard on important issues like the TPP and the Syrian conflict we have to speak in the only language they can understand, in dollar signs.  I propose we decrease our spending this holiday season.  If you need a better reason than the TPP and Syria, consider it belated payback for the people of Manhattan who were urged to go shopping after 9/11 and who are now dying from cancer and respiratory ailments. Three to five months of decreased spending should do it.  If the rescue workers and the people of Manhattan had been warned to stay away from Ground Zero for that length of time they wouldn’t be suffering from those health problems now.

It’s not necessary to wear sackcloth and ashes. All that’s necessary is to live more simply.  Don’t buy lavish gifts this holiday season; don’t travel to exotic locations; don’t trade in your old car for a new one; don’t move up to a bigger house. These are all things we should be doing anyway.  They’re good for the environment and good for the soul.

Alternatively, if you’re in a state that allows write-ins you can give Bernie another try. ((Op deny 270 Urges Voters to Write-in Sanders. Available:

Dakota Access Pipeline Slithers Forward

There are no longer any restrictions on the construction of this pipeline.  Now the protesters protectors are standing in their way…alone.  Meanwhile arrests of journalists and the family members of the protectors continue.  You can donate here:  But they also welcome anyone able to join them in person.