Donald Trump: Counter-Coup or Coup-Coup?

Lately I’ve noticed that Trump’s supporters are using bad logic to sell their candidate.  I don’t imagine this post will change their minds but maybe it will change the minds of honest people who have been influenced by them.  If you’re determined to vote for Trump go right ahead, but please don’t vote for him based on the wrong-headed arguments of these guys.

Their main tactic of persuasion is to call anyone who votes for Hillary ‘stupid’.  They act as if this is common sense based on the Wikileaks revelations and the recent announcement by James Comey.  They would like you to believe that Trump should win the White House by default.  However this only makes sense if you have a very short memory.

If they were so concerned about corruption why didn’t they vote for Bernie in the primary?  You remember Bernie.  He’s the one who chose to run without the help of billionaires and special interests–the one they rejected in favor of a guy who’s never governed anyone, who knows nothing about policy, and who has his own record of corruption.  They are now acting scandalized by the barrage of recriminations against Hillary, but where were their delicate sensibilities when Bernie was still in the race?  It’s my belief that those sensibilities never existed.  They were attracted to Trump for other reasons.

One guy on YouTube argues that Hillary is only a viable candidate thanks to the votes of women, while Donald Trump is the candidate of men.  Men should have the final say in this race, he says, because Hillary will take us to war and men will have to fight the war.  He dismisses the fact that women go to war too, but then he tends to act as if all opinions of women are beneath contempt.  And when his female viewers insist that they don’t fit his mold he excuses himself by saying he’s making a ‘generalization’.

This calls for a definition.  A generalization is:

A general statement: a statement about a group of people or things that is based on only a few people or things in that group; the act or process of forming opinions that are based on a small amount of information.

So in other words he excuses himself for making generalizations by explaining that he’s making generalizations.  That’s just stupid.

He also seems to have forgotten how much the Donald likes ‘nuclear’.  Of course my point here is not just about Donald.  No election will save us from war because it isn’t the fault of one party or candidate.  It’s part of our culture.  And the current crisis is the result of an agenda that’s older than either of the candidates.  As I’ve been saying we need a long conversation to address it.

Just this morning I found a video claiming that the WikiLeaks releases were part of a counter-coup against the Clintons and the current administration.  I’m not saying I believe it but if it is a coup the fact that Assange waited until Bernie endorsed Hillary to release the first emails suggests that it favored Trump from the beginning.  The link to the video is below, however if you’re a skeptic, like I am, read this article first.  ((Nicholas F. Benton, Trump’s Role in a Russian Coup., Oct. 19, 2016. Available:

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