Standing Rock: U.S. Government Genocide

Update: This is the kind of thing that drives people apart and makes them give up.

Can anyone back up these claims?

February 19, 2017:

I published these videos after they showed up in my YouTube feed. Sorry to say, I wasn’t suspicious about them until after I published them. As you probably know by now, this YouTube channel supports Donald Trump.   Now I see that my suspicions were justified.  Since Trump owns shares in the Dakota Access Pipeline it’s not likely his supporters would be concerned for the water protectors–it’s more likely they would try to scare them off.

I guess this is nothing new—lies have been filling up the airwaves these days. What really gets to me is the gleeful way the lies are carried out. The monetary rewards alone can’t explain it in my opinion. None of the things we’ve been seeing make sense in the context of what we were trying to accomplish in this election.

Maybe they assume we’re as cynical as they are and that we didn’t mean what we said. Or maybe they don’t need an excuse. Maybe they just enjoy making mischief.

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