Big Oil, Standing Rock and Local Politics

I wasn’t surprised when I heard of the mistrust between water protectors and tribal leaders. The U.S. government has always created inequality within the tribe because they know the privileged members will be more likely to do the government’s bidding. But this is not only true of Native Americans.  Look at the 2016 election. Our efforts were derailed because a significant number of people believed they would benefit from other people’s misfortune.

Today at 2 p.m. MST the water protectors, the last link in this country’s chain of environmental disaster, will be forcibly removed from treaty land as part of the oil industry’s push to secure drilling rights across the U.S. As we speak, Donald Trump is poised to trample the remaining legal barriers to Big Oil’s supremacy over this land. The following video reveals the betrayals leading up to this desperate standoff.

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