A Presidency Trump Can’t Refuse

I think Trump believed he was working for the Clinton campaign and he didn’t intend to become president. Maybe that’s why he was so overwhelmed last January at his White House visit with Obama. He wasn’t supposed to be there and he feared the worst.  I don’t know how a transition is supposed to work but it also seems strange that no one has stepped up to help him deal with everything.  And the help they did give him hasn’t been very helpful.

Trump was told by Steve Pieczenik to hire Michael Flynn and Jared Kushner.  Pieczenik had to know that Flynn had conflicts of interest. And now Rachel Maddow has switched her focus to Kushner’s associates. Jared’s business background had to be known to Pieczenik as well. Meanwhile Ivanka is trying to hold everything together and the media treats it all like a big joke. It’s starting to look like the election of Donald Trump was some kind of punishment. I’ve lived with the frustration of this election for so long I almost missed this human drama.

In other news, Freemasonry seems to have left me behind in Cairo.  This is a week for endings.