The King of the World and Other Nonsense

Well, it seems Donald Trump has disappointed some of his backers. As I watch their desperate pleas go unheeded it’s becoming painfully obvious that they really believed he would fix the country. Of course it’s not at all clear where this faith came from. Did it come from Trump’s temperament? His business record? His marital record? His experience in governing? I’d really like to know.

I would also like to know what these people had against Bernie Sanders, because it’s obvious to me that Bernie is the president this country needed at this time. I’m particularly addressing poor Steve Pieczenik here. Nothing is going the way Pieczenik expected and now he has to endure that prima-donna Alex Jones squealing like a sissy and changing the subject whenever Pieczenik criticizes Trump. I think we deserve to know why they took it upon themselves to deprive us of our president without knowing what kind of president they were giving us in his place.

Of course our media, including our ‘alternative media’, is not going to ask these questions. They’re going to shore up the left/right dialectic and repeat standard talking points ad nauseam. Shall I show you the president they have foisted upon us? Why do you think Trump calls Mar-a-Lago the Winter White House? Maybe because he thinks he’s the Masonic king of the world. The Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, Russia, was, from 1732 to 1917, the official residence of the Russian monarchs.

Perhaps Trump-world will be Evangelical. After all, Trump did ask for the endorsement of Freemason Jerry Falwell, Jr. This would explain why Mitt Romney criticized Trump. The Mormons have always thought the king of the world would be one of theirs. Now here they are saddled with this fake Evangelical interloper. That must really rankle.

You might think any theological disagreements between Evangelicals and Mormons would have been settled by Freemasonry, but I guess not. I’m sure it was shocking to Romney to see Trump steal his thunder but one hopes he was not actually surprised. History is full of royal heirs being banished, murdered, or imprisoned. Hey, I have an idea: maybe the real problem is the king-of-the-world nonsense. Unfortunately, the Mormon version of the king of the world goes all the way back to Joseph Smith, which is a real dilemma for Mormon believers. But will they recognize it as a dilemma?

Another topic of discussion in which the alternative media is failing us is the border wall. When the administration admits that the majority of people crossing the border are going south into Mexico rather than north into the United States, and then continues to prepare for the wall anyway, shouldn’t we be a little suspicious about the true purpose of that wall? I’m only mentioning this now because Scott Walker recently proposed a wall on the Canadian border. It’s beginning to look as though these walls are meant to keep us in.

And now we can fully appreciate the Trump administration’s increase of military spending and aggressive actions in other countries. If you accept the myths of our culture, either religious or political, you will have to agree that we now seem to have front-row seats for the bad boys’ big unveiling. Of course the bad boys won’t see it that way. They’re incapable of seeing it that way. But believe it or not, I’m not writing this article to make you more depressed. All things considered, I believe there is reason to hope.

I have tried to talk about Bernie’s campaign in a metaphysical way but unfortunately this made everyone nervous. I know because they published articles about how Bernie is not religious. I’m aware he’s not religious. Bernie’s religion had nothing to do with my support of his candidacy. Look, I supported him when I thought he was an atheist. But I would also argue that humans tend to think metaphysically and at some point these events will belong to the people to interpret the way they see fit. I wrote that article partly because we had just been robbed of our rightful reward in the primary, partly because I’ve been trying to understand my own spiritual experience, and partly because of a YouTube invitation from another Bernie supporter, Niko House, to discuss the spiritual meaning of Bernie’s leadership.

Niko said he got this idea from reading the Bible and the Koran. However he issued this invitation after I published Islamic State’s Apocalyptic Vision and I was disappointed to find that I had shut myself off from his discussion. So I had to ask myself what I was trying to say in that article. I wasn’t trying to say that people should give up those ideas. Apocalyptic beliefs have a place in our religion. So then I began to wonder how apocalyptic beliefs are useful to us. What purpose do they serve? (By the way, Niko wasn’t talking about the Apocalypse—he was talking about the idea of a messiah, but the two things are connected in Christianity.) I’ve come to the conclusion that our apocalyptic ideas are harmful.

It seems to me that since the time of the Church Fathers Christianity’s apocalyptic teachings have been regarded as a theological albatross. Personally, I’ve been looking at the scriptures with an eye to mythology, thanks to Ignaz Goldziher. I’m also influenced by Edward Moor’s focus on the characteristics of the deity, and by Robert Eisler, and I find no redeeming qualities in the ‘Day of the Lord’ as described in the Book of Revelations. That Day is a day to be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, our political and military leaders find it very useful in deed.

But again, I know there is strength and abundance in this world. I think we saw it blossoming during the campaign of Bernie Sanders. His campaign was a powerful thing any way you look at it—Bernie gave us a forum and a voice. If you consider the efforts our illustrious leaders have put into mind control and social engineering, this blossoming should have depressed them no end. It turns out that human goodness and clear-sighted courage was just waiting to burst forth in all its glory, like the touch of a match to dry wood. Unfortunately, if the establishment understood this for what it was, they’ve done a pretty good job of hiding their shock.

Within the Christian world view, the Resurrection is a better representation of the kind of hope I’m trying to convey. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is Christianity’s promise that death doesn’t win in the end. Fear and ugliness don’t win. Life is stronger than all of those things.

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