Methinks Thou Dost Protest Too Much

I wasn’t talking about David Icke in the last article, but my goodness, I must have struck a nerve. His ‘Me Me Me’ video is the creepiest video I have ever watched. Not only is the content creepy, the video started playing after I turned off YouTube. Maybe I was meant to hear it.

I wasn’t being partisan at all in that article and I wasn’t throwing around imaginary accusations. I addressed Pieczenik because he announced before the election that his cabal was going to make sure that Hillary didn’t win. And whatever else he had in mind, it seems he intended to eliminate Bernie, probably because he knew Trump couldn’t beat him. He timed the release of the emails to fall immediately after Bernie endorsed Hillary.

But now that we’re on the subject there are some similarities between Pieczenik and Icke. As I have said more than once, everyone knew there were only two candidates in this election: Bernie Sanders and everyone else. So they betray themselves when they act as if Bernie wasn’t in the race.

How’s this for non-partisan? It’s curious that Hillary chose not to campaign in the very states where the Electoral College would give the presidency to Donald Trump. I wonder, were those guys helping the Clintons elect Trump?

Last but not least, when I mentioned the alternative media’s left/right dialectic I was talking about the progressive channels. I don’t usually watch Icke.

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