There Are Worse Things Than Losing a Primary

Hillary put herself in a very bad place when she shut Bernie out of the primary. Now there are stories that confirm our worst suspicions. Like the one about how her donors threatened to call it quits if she lost Nevada, and her brilliant plan to cheat Bernie in Nevada, because what could go wrong?

Try as she might, Hillary won’t be able to undo the outcome of the election. True, there may be more to the Trump-Russia narrative than the pundits give her credit for, however she knew about his ties with Russia from the beginning, and they were only indirectly related to the election. Worse for her, Trump can’t be impeached for his Russia ties because the actions in question took place before he was president. It’s all in Geoff Gilson’s Book, Maggie’s Hammer. Or you can watch Ed Opperman’s interview here. Gilson’s part ends at about 48:00:

Hillary Clinton’s behavior in this election has handed Donald Trump a blank check signed by the United States of America. That will be her legacy.