A Request for Forgiveness

Until I spent time trying to phrase this apology I didn’t fully appreciate how much courage it takes to share a spiritual experience. I’m only doing it now because I think I may have offended someone.

I made a sweeping statement in the last article about how religion works. I realize I should probably qualify that statement. I didn’t make allowances for the fact that people have different starting places. This may sound too obvious to mention, but the question I wrote about in that article made all the difference in my own experience. What changed for me was the whole framework of how I saw the world. I began with the wrong idea about what kind of help I could expect from religion and in a moment that idea was corrected without any input from me. I could never have corrected it myself, nor could have asked for help to correct it because I didn’t have a clue that it needed correcting. It was a complete revelation.

But maybe I should have distinguished between a revelation about basic orientation or approach, and the problems that we all deal with daily. I do regret making such a blanket statement.

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