Emergency Call from the Oglala Sioux Tribe (Update: Provo, South Dakota)

An emergency situation is unfolding in the Provo, Utah South Dakota area of the Black Hills. The Trump administration has apparently revived applications from companies that want to use seismic testing to hunt for oil. The Obama administration rejected the applications but it was learned today that trucks are all set to begin testing tomorrow. The Oglala Sioux Tribe was not consulted about this and only received the paperwork today. The tribe has filed an injunction but they are asking anyone nearby to come and support them.

This land is especially sacred to the Sioux people. Directly under the area to be tested are the Wind Caves. This is the place where the Sioux people entered the world.

Aside from the insult to the sacred nature of the land, seismic tests pose a physical threat to everyone in the area. The former Black Hills Army Depot is in this area, between Provo and Edgemont at the edge of the Southern Black Hills, and it is feared that if the ground is disturbed chemicals could leach into the ground, and decommissioned weaponry could be set off. (John D. Taylor, Seismic crews want to test up to 46,000 acres northwest of Provo for oil and gas deposit, Hot Springs Star, May 2017.

This information is from Activatenow on FaceBook. (https://www.facebook.com/ActivateNowUS/)

I hope no one has made plane reservations to Utah. We were trying to ask her live on FaceBook exactly where she was but she was too upset. I should have known she was in South Dakota. Sorry!  I’ve been trying to get back here to correct it but suddenly both of my computers got slow.  

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