Trump’s Puerto Rico Fail

When I see ‘President’ Trump sitting smugly in the White House as Puerto Ricans are abandoned by the world I am ashamed to be an American. When I see my fellow Americans continue to defend him, grief overwhelms me. When I contemplate the fact that he appears to be a member of my species I am ashamed of the human race.

The politics of the world have become sordid beyond measure. All of the questions that I used to think were so important have died in my heart and on my lips. Instead, a quotation plays over and over again in my head:


For the youth of the world is past,

And the strength of the creation already exhausted,

And the advent of the times is very short,

Yea, they have passed by;

And the pitcher is near to the cistern,

And the ship to the port,

And the course of the journey to the city,

And life to (its) consummation.   [*]

[*]II Baruch 85:10, As quoted by J. Massyngberde Ford, Anchor Bible Commentary on Revelation, Doubleday and Company, 1975. Page 160 From II Baruch 85:10

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