The Trials of Jim Bakker

Update, October 20, 2017:  On second thought, we don’t know if he repented– he didn’t serve his time, he only served five years. [1] Also I forgot about the rape part. Sorry everyone.

Hey guys, I wouldn’t have mentioned Jim Bakker if I’d known he was still in the public eye.  He wasn’t really the point of my story anyway.  I was sharing an experience that took place more than 24 years ago when I was still trying to find a new church.  The point of the story was that this ‘friend’ was carrying on a contest with me between Jim Baker and Joseph Smith after I’d already left my church.  It still rankles.

As for Jim Bakker, he paid for what he did with prison time, humiliation and financial disaster.   If I’m not mistaken his first wife died while he was in prison.  I think we have to assume that he’s repented, don’t we?

[1] Maggie Harbour, Jailed televangelist Jim Bakker and accused rapist Jim Bakker is back…Daily Mail, 15 Sept. 2014. (

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