Misogyny and Politics

As the dust settles from the 2016 election the real misogynists are coming out of the woodwork, and they are not Bernie Sanders. Last week Bill Clinton threw his wife under the bus again and no one blinked an eye. According to the media lapdogs Poor Bill tried to help Hillary with her book, and she wouldn’t listen.

We saw a similar shtick during the campaign but it was buried under the other election nonsense and it flew right by us: Bill is just a harmless good-time guy, the media gushed; Hillary is the dangerous one. This long-suffering-Bill meme has to go.

It stands to reason that Bill Clinton was at least an equal partner in everything Hillary did if not the ringleader. If it were up to me I would even include the private server in his bag of tricks. But when this known bad boy has the gall to blame his wife for the 2016 election everyone gives him a free ride. Sorry folks, but that is misogyny writ large.


























































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