Twitter Infamy

I sometimes don’t check my Twitter notifications as often as I should.  Apparently someone retweeted my Christmas article to a porn account.  All of the tweets on that account had my first name, and a last name with the first two letters of my last name.  The only tweet with my full name was the one that was retweeted, but they all looked like my name at first glance.  I think my tweet was there the whole week between Christmas and New Year’s day.  I assume someone was huffy about my views on neoconservatives, so I posted another article about neoconservatives today.

I’m only mentioning this because I’ve seen friendly mentions of sin on YouTube channels that I like to watch, and one channel that I’ve never seen before talked about dark people who ‘profess’ to be believers but are really not.  If you were talking to me, thanks for the concern, but please be sure you know what you’re looking at.  This isn’t the first time people have played tricks on my Twitter account.

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