The Russia Investigation and the DNC: Death by a Thousand Cuts

I’ve been trying to get away from talking about the election but it looks like I’m going to have to talk about it one more time. I hadn’t formed an opinion on whether the Russians helped Donald Trump’s campaign until Mueller (Hillary) dragged Bernie into it. The accusation that the Russians helped Bernie is so stupid it makes me seriously doubt the Russians helped Trump. Russian meddling doesn’t explain anything we saw in the election.

Did Russia control the Electoral College?
Did Russia control Crosscheck?
Why did alt-media channels on YouTube claim to support Bernie and then
promote Jill Stein in the primary?
Why did Joe Arpaio’s county openly commit election fraud in the Democratic
primary? Arpaio was a Trump supporter.
Why did the Democrats in Nevada go to so much trouble to demonstrate their bias
in the primary?
Why did WikiLeaks wait until Bernie endorsed Hillary to leak Hillary’s emails?
Was James Comey getting Masonic signals from members of Congress during his
testimony about Hillary’s emails?
Why did Comey give damning testimony about Hillary and then not recommend
Why did Trump meet with the CFR before the election?
Why did the Bank of England make favorable comments about Trump before the
Why did the IMF make favorable comments about Trump before the election?
If Trump had support from the CFR, the Bank of England and the IMF wouldn’t the
Clintons have known about it?