The Russia Investigation and the DNC: Death by a Thousand Cuts

I’ve been trying to get away from talking about the election but it looks like I’m going to have to talk about it one more time. I hadn’t formed an opinion on whether the Russians helped Donald Trump’s campaign until Mueller (Hillary) dragged Bernie into it. The accusation that the Russians helped Bernie is so stupid it makes me seriously doubt the Russians helped Trump. Russian meddling doesn’t explain anything we saw in the election.

Did Russia control the Electoral College?
Did Russia control Crosscheck?
Why did alt-media channels on YouTube claim to support Bernie and then
promote Jill Stein in the primary?
Why did Joe Arpaio’s county openly commit election fraud in the Democratic
primary? Arpaio was a Trump supporter.
Why did the Democrats in Nevada go to so much trouble to demonstrate their bias
in the primary?
Why did WikiLeaks wait until Bernie endorsed Hillary to leak Hillary’s emails?
Was James Comey getting Masonic signals from members of Congress during his
testimony about Hillary’s emails?
Why did Comey give damning testimony about Hillary and then not recommend
Why did Trump meet with the CFR before the election?
Why did the Bank of England make favorable comments about Trump before the
Why did the IMF make favorable comments about Trump before the election?
If Trump had support from the CFR, the Bank of England and the IMF wouldn’t the
Clintons have known about it?


I seem to have implied in an earlier article that the story of Adam and Eve had ulterior motives. This is a big problem, and I don’t want to leave my readers with the wrong impression. Fortunately religion doesn’t work like a math problem or a history lesson where you can take one part of it and trace its cause and effect. Each part fits into the whole, and its meaning is not necessarily literal. And in light of the previous article, it didn’t really prove my point.

If religion were the cause of U.S. tax policy, Germany as a majority Christian nation should have similar policies to the United States. But Germany has generous social benefits. The problem seems to be unique to the United States. It would probably make more sense to blame Ayn Rand than Adam and Eve.

So although we still have the cruel tax bill things don’t seem quite as dark as they might have been. Good will and decency are alive in our religion. This will pass.

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The Threat of Alexander Dugin

Is it possible we all fight the same enemy in different guises? I somehow got the impression that we were looking at a choice between a global government or a world divided between Eurasia and the West. Dugin wants nothing less than a planetary ideocracy. He expects the second coming of Hitler as avatar of Shiva.

I Really Have to Find Another Line of Work

I regretted writing a previous article soon after publishing it. I left it there because I’ve seen people try to delete things from the Internet only to call more attention to them. The curious thing about being an idiot in public was that the shock of it blinded me to the fact that I might also be offending others who have shown me kindness and who, had I been in my right mind, I would have taken great care not to offend.

Subsequently, I wrote two articles about the House tax bill. I think it was the combination of these articles that earned me a rebuke. I may be misreading the signals again but I want to say that I’m aware that the charge of ‘false prophet’ is as serious as it gets. However I think it gives me more dignity than I deserve.

It may have been a response to the birthrate argument or it may have been the combination of articles. That first article does not represent the way I feel about this conversation. I was addressing an insult on Twitter and my idiocy ran rampant, after which I went for the pretend-it-didn’t-happen approach. It’s still embarrassing on several levels but the thought that I gave offense is worse than the embarrassment.

Another View of the Conflict in Syria

It turns out the Kurds in Afrin are not the responsibility of the United States. They are the responsibility of Russia. However the United Stated did inflame tensions by announcing the 30,000-strong ‘security force’. According to this video fighting ISIS was the easy part.

Will a Higher Birthrate Lead to Love and Compassion for the World?

There was a time when it made sense for our politicians to argue that a higher birthrate was necessary to prop up an ailing social security system, but that argument is no longer convincing. Our government has shown an interest in eliminating or privatizing the social security program, it has demonstrated that it has every intention of reducing social spending, and it has indicated that it is willing to destroy the very earth on which we depend. Yet politicians like Paul Ryan continue to demand a higher birthrate without batting an eye.

From the government’s point of view there are several benefits to overpopulation. It provides a broad tax base; leads to high unemployment and a large pool of low-wage workers; and provides more children for the adoption mill. I’m not claiming the ability to read Paul Ryan’s mind, but regardless of his reasons we know that he, or his donors, expect benefits from a higher birthrate. We know this because even though they favor reducing other types of benefits they re willing to increase the Child Tax Credit. That’s why I view the Child Tax Credit as the modern version of bridewealth. But I haven’t forgotten that the CTC is not a gift.

The CTC is permission for women who bear and raise children to keep a little more of the money they would otherwise give to the government in taxes. When you compare this to the spirit behind the practice of bridewealth the cynicism is remarkable. But there is good news. It is merely a financial offer, meaning that women are free to take it or leave it. The big guns in this fight are ideological.

The chief ideological proposition is unspoken: human procreation is a virtue. So our first question should be, how (and why) did large families become a virtue?

Additional claims stem from this proposition. These include: large families are an act of solidarity with the human race; large families are an act of love and compassion; and a shrinking birthrate indicates that the whole society is giving up on humanity.

If you accept the first assumption the rest might make perfect sense, but are they true? This is an important question because these kinds of arguments do have an effect. What we need is evidence–perhaps we could start with a series of surveys. In the meantime I think I’ve noticed an inverse correlation between Paul Ryan’s compassion and his demand for a higher birthrate.