I Really Have to Find Another Line of Work

I regretted writing a previous article soon after publishing it. I left it there because I’ve seen people try to delete things from the Internet only to call more attention to them. The curious thing about being an idiot in public was that the shock of it blinded me to the fact that I might also be offending others who have shown me kindness and who, had I been in my right mind, I would have taken great care not to offend.

Subsequently, I wrote two articles about the House tax bill. I think it was the combination of these articles that earned me a rebuke. I may be misreading the signals again but I want to say that I’m aware that the charge of ‘false prophet’ is as serious as it gets. However I think it gives me more dignity than I deserve.

It may have been a response to the birthrate argument or it may have been the combination of articles. That first article does not represent the way I feel about this conversation. I was addressing an insult on Twitter and my idiocy ran rampant, after which I went for the pretend-it-didn’t-happen approach. It’s still embarrassing on several levels but the thought that I gave offense is worse than the embarrassment.

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