The Alchemy of Alex Jones

Alex Jones seems to think that because someone on the ‘left’ calls for an end to globalization he’s won the lottery. I’m not suddenly one of his followers if I think globalization is a bad idea. I said something similar before the 2016 election and I still think Bernie Sanders would make a better president than Donal Trump. It kills me how hard these pundits work to keep their followers in this left-right game. Do they really believe there are two distinct sides with good guys and bad guys or is it just part of their act?

It’s not just the political posturing. Anyone who would go on the air the way Alex Jones did and make political points at the expense of a guy like Bernie Sanders is not a nice person. Jones acted like a guy who is not capable of expressing himself like a grownup and who’s not sure he knows what he’s talking about so he blurts out thoughtless schoolyard insults instead.

Globalization, or as Jones so charmingly pronounces it—globu-lazation—is not the only issue in town. In fact, there is a whole world of being that he seems to know nothing about. For starters, there’s kindness and decency and unselfishness and just plain old good manners. And there’s playing fair—now there’s one for the Republicans. Of course that would require them to acknowledge the existence of other people.

Anyway, I suspect Trump is just following orders, not unlike Jones and his buddy—call him RC for short. And whatever the order-givers have in mind, it’s safe to say that the banksters and the oligarchs are going to make out like bandits. That is not the way Bernie would have played it. Not even close. Yes, I called for an end to globalization but Alex Jones and I are not even on the same planet.

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