Is Freemasonry Behind the Attack on Assad?

My theory about Friday’s bombing of Syria is that Freemasonry was running the show. Some articles I’ve read assume, as I do, that it had something to do with Freemasonry because of the date, April 13, which fell on a Friday this year—Friday the 13th. It was a Friday the 13th in 1307 when the Knights Templar were rounded up to be tortured and burned at the stake. And the Knights Templar are associated with Freemasons. But the articles don’t deal with alliances between individual Freemasons. It’s those alliances that might explain what we’re seeing.

At first I thought it was curious that a freemason would choose the Knights Templars’ day of infamy to carry out his plans. Then I realized it would make sense if he carried out those plans against another freemason. Assad is a freemason. He’s a French Grand Orient freemason, which is anti-monarchical and secular. The Knights Templar on the other hand are associated with Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Donald Trump belongs to the Scottish Rite, which is monarchical and accepting of religious influence in government. By the way, Bill Clinton also belonged to DeMolay as a youth. He claims he is no longer a freemason but many doubt that claim.

The leaders of Israel belong to the Scottish Rite as well.   France’s President Macron worked for the Rothschilds before becoming president of France–the same Macron who supported Trump’s attack on Syria. If he belongs to a lodge at all it’s probably the Scottish Rite, even though he was packaged as a Leftist. That’s probably what caused a Catholic human rights group to assume he was a Grand Orient freemason. Before his election they spoke out against him on the grounds that he is anti-family and anti-religious. One wonders which side they would come down on if they knew. If they rejected Macron because they thought he was on the Left, would they like him if they knew he was working for the Trump/Netanyahu faction?

Freemasonry might also explain Putin’s non-committal behavior in Syria. The majority of Russian freemasons are Scottish Rite so I assume Putin is also. But then the question comes up, why would he warn the French about the Paris terrorist attack on Friday, November 13, 2015? I assume the 2015 attack was meant to punish the Grand Orient Lodge in Paris because shortly before the attack its representatives argued against a religious role in the administration of poor relief. But if Putin is Scottish Rite why would he warn the French about a revenge attack on the Grand Orient? Maybe he knew his warning would be ignored?

It may not be exactly as I have said, but that is how Freemasonry works, generally. People you would normally expect to be enemies are secret allies because they belong to the same lodge. It happened in the American Revolution and it could be happening in the Middle East.

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